Color psychology: How do colors affect my online business?

Color psychology: How do colors affect my online business?Have you ever thought about the colors you use in your business? Wether it's the colors on your website or the colors of your restaurant. A lot of entrepreneurs forget this very important detail. They pick a color which they think looks good. Because they want to give the place a personal twist. While actually they are missing out on tons of purchases by customers who feel intimidated by the colors surrounding them. It is scientifically proven that consumer purchase behavior is influenced by colors. 

I want to show you the psychology of a few colors. This should give you an idea of how colors work and should help you pick colors in the future. Or off course change your website straight away if you haven't thought about it before.


Red is a warm color that stands for energy, manhood and physical courage. Even though on the other end it seems to be rebellious and able to create tension. Red is a color that comes closer to sex, power, passion and danger then any other. No wonder we stop for a red light. It shows us there is danger. The power of red is becomes visible when you put a red piece of cloth in front of a bull.


In pink we see feminine innocence. Pink directs to softness, healthiness en takes us into the world of prince charming and princesses. No wonder it is a color that is often used in fairy tails and fantasies. When we grow older we start to realize that pink is also a color of romance and that men are able to use it as well.


Is there a party somewhere? Orange is a party color. Which owes it to it's family bonds with red. It also resembles movement, warmth and life-force. It is a very positive color that does not have the frightening aspect from red. It radiates a vital power, which makes us laugh. It gives you the feeling there is a circus in town.


No other color that resembles positivism and optimism in such a strong way. Yellow thanks it's optimism to the friendliness of light, and the sun. Which makes flowers grow in spring. It gives us the will to live and this makes it a source of friendliness and creativity. Yellow activates the brain and makes people work harder. Because yellow contains such a big amount of light, it is also a good color for warnings.


Green is a color that brings us rest, and watches over our health. It is the color that brings balance between our mind and body. It brings us recovery, peace and oxygen. We naturally make a connection between green and nature, since green is the most common color in nature. It makes us feel safe and peaceful. It is a color often used in school buildings. Green is when you go for it. But be carefull, a few shades to bright and you come close to poison.


Blue is a cool, quiet and natural color. When used in some of it's darker shades It has authority in it, think about the police. It is a color that's faithful, responsible and safe. The blue of the ocean and the sky make our vision wider and open to all possibilities. Which makes it a color of freedom. It also resembles distance, as in being better then others. That's why it is quickly associated with cold and loneliness. But in the end it points to duty, wisdom, truth and beauty.


This is a color with many faces. Which makes it difficult to use. Years ago it was the most expensive color around, worn by kings and royalty. For that reason it detains dignity, quality, luxury and authenticity. In the last decades it is often used as a color for spiritual guidance.


The color of the earth. A color you can trust and shows you something is authentic. It brings calm because of it's connection to the earth. It is a warm color. With not a lot of humor. But it seems to be stable and steadfast.

Color psychology: How do colors affect my online business?


Not a color on this planet that is more innocent and pure as white. White as light and truth.

The brides dress isn't white not for nothing. It is a color of cleanliness and is used in the imagination of heaven.


Black might be classic, but there is always seriousness around the color. Think about funerals. It is used in the papers and most magazines to press letters. Because it brings safety and certainty. On the other side it can detain a bit of cold and oppression.


Neither black nor white, it must be gray. An expression of neutralness. There is people who think black or white. And there is people who also use ''the grey part''. It might be a bit dull, but it has some authority in itself. It can relate to a lack of self confidence. But also to wisdom, trust, luxury and modesty because of the grey hair of elderliness.

These are the most commonly used colors. Off course there are more, but this gives you an idea of how color psychology works.

Another thing you can do is think about what colors do to people. Think about what colors excite them. Think about what colors scare them. These details are all part of running a successful business.

Now it's up to you to use it and make your consumers purchase more and more and more!

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