Animal Within and Without: 5 Beastly Body Modifications

Animal Within and Without: 5 Beastly Body Modifications You know how transsexuals undergo sex changes because they believe they were born the wrong sex? Well there are people that believe they were born the wrong species. Not all the people on this list believe that, but the connection between human and animal are blurred through these epic body modifications.  A word of warning, some of the body modifications may be a bit...shocking if you've never looked at extreme body modifications before. I urge you to withhold any hateful comments on the article. These are people, and they can do what they want to their bodies.

5. Zebra Man — Horace Ridler

Horace is one of the original body modification enthusiasts, from a time where body modification was not quite so tolerated as it is today. He established himself in World War I in which he was given an award for bravery while serving in the British Army. Afterwards he began his tattoo binge and made a living as a sideshow attraction. He toured as The great Omi with his lifelong wife Ommete. As his tattoos progressed to stripes he had his teeth filed and had his septum pierced by a veterinarian. Horace died in 1969 in England at the age of 77.

4. Katzen the Tiger LadyAnimal Within and Without: 5 Beastly Body Modifications

Katzen, German for cat, started her tattoos as a way of self-knowledge and awareness. She has stated that she wanted the markings since she was five, even before she knew what a tattoo was. She has whiskers implanted in her cheeks. Katzen is relatively tame for a body modification enthusiast, but there is no denying that there's something mesmerizing and attractive about her stripes.

Animal Within and Without: 5 Beastly Body Modifications3. Tom Leppard

Unlike the others on this list, Tom Leppard didn't get his tattoos as any great means of self expression or attention grabbing. He used them merely as a way for making money. Tom has 99.2% of his body tattooed with those leopard spots and once held the Guinness book of world records spots for most tattooed man. He used the money from his spots to live a solitary life in the wilderness. However, at 70 he nearly lost his life on his weekly kayak trip to get supplies. He had to accept his friends offer to live in town with him, so this cat was sadly taken out of the wilderness.

 2. The Tiger — Dennis Anver

Dennis Anver is known to his friends by his Native American name, The Stalking Cat. He holds the Animal Within and Without: 5 Beastly Body ModificationsGuinness Book of records for the most body modification. He is an electronics/computer technician by trade. Among his many alterations, Dennis has relocated his septum (that cartilage that makes our noses) to elongate his profile. He had his earlobes moved to the top of his ears and pointed to resemble those of a cat; however, he may just cut his ears off as he also had an implant on his skull to accommodate tiger-like ears at a future date. He has many hours worth of tattoos and silicon implanted cheekbones. With numerous piercings and a cleft upper lip, you have to admit, he looks like a cat.

Animal Within and Without: 5 Beastly Body Modifications 1. The Lizard Man — Eric Sprague

The Lizardman, who goes by Eric Sprague at the dinner table with his wife and/or family, is the ultimate performance artist. How many of us have the courage to choose our life's work and then stick to it with such conviction that we are ready to change elements of our life to conform to and enhance it? When I see Eric, I see a man who knows what he wants to do with his life and has made the necessary modifications to make it the very best that it can be. The fact that he has dedicated his life to entertain us is noble and honorable. When I see Eric as the Lizardman, I do not think about my bills or my arthritis, or any of my other numerous problems. In this way, Eric has succeeded. So if your definition of freak or weirdo is someone who makes sacrifices to make of himself and his chosen profession the very best that it can be, then Eric is all of that and more.

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